Thursday, December 25, 2008


Rain. Lots of it. Borderline Hurricane Conditions. Why am I on my bike, 10 miles from home, halfway out on a 1:40 loop in a torrential downpour? What kind of obsession has driven me to this? It's Christmas Eve Day, aren't there cookies to be eaten, vodka cranberries to be drunk? Yesterday these were all things I was thinking as I rode through moving water for an hour and forty minutes. I left the house and it was raining a little. The further I went, the harder it rained until at one point I stopped to find out if I was creating the blowing rain by moving or if the rain was blowing of it's own volition.

At least I got a chance to take the geared commuter/future xtracycle for a ride. It's a litte un-inspiring, but the longer I rode it the more I liked it. I think it'll feel great as a long bike/cargo bike. When I got home it seemed like I'd jumped in a pool, completely soaked, all the way through. In hindsight, it's actually probably for the best that I took out a bike that doesn't matter too much.

In a side note, I mentioned my new rack earlier, figured I'd show proof. Here's my rack, cost me about $225 with parts left over. I've got two gutter towers that hopefully I can install on the Stringdusters Tour Trailer sometime next year (when we get a new trailer) and an extra steelhead for the xtracycle so I can do this or even better I can do this.

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