Tuesday, July 14, 2009


In Bozeman today after traveling up from Santa Fe, through Crested Butte and Carbondale, CO. When I'm on tour, running is the thing so I've embraced it. Short shorts and all. Ran 12 miles today, mostly unintentionally. Brains still a little mushy, so I may cut this short.

Here's a shot from the Racoon Mountain Race (I think this was before the cramping started).

The wife and I have initiated relocation sequence. Got to get closer to the mountains. May be 5 years, may be 9 months, hard to say at the moment but the wheels are in motion. I have dreams of moving into my fathers house, 1 minute from 100's of miles of world class singletrack and fire roads. I'd probably have to add a tooth or two to the SS...

We're in Bozeman for a couple days, then heading over to Idaho and Oregon, Washington and California. More running. Next race is the last of the SERC series over in N.C. I intend to be about 5 lbs. lighter with some high altitude lungs to try to keep my streak alive (3 entries, 3 victories in SS XC since my return.