Monday, December 8, 2008


Night Ride. 45 degrees. Almost warm, really. 2 laps, light died on 2nd lap. Lucky Modesto loaned me a handlebar light. Mountain Bikes are fun. I'd almost forgotten with all this cross bike nonsense.

Installed Yakima Rack on car. 10 years I've wanted a Yakima, now I've got it. 3 Locking Steelheads. Fairing. 1 Wheel Mount. All used, scrounged up and improvised. Still have a set of 4 guttermount feet left over. Hoping to install the extra bike mount on my as-of-yet-unpurchased Xtracycle so I can ride to the trailhead and the grocery and just about everywhere else.

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Frank said...

Just stumbled across your blog--nice header picture!
Ride One or Ride None