Friday, December 26, 2008


I'll try keep it short. Long ride today. Through Sylvan Park, down Music Row, down Demonbreun, across the Pedestrian Bridge, over to Shelby Park and to the end of the Greenway (or at least to Lebanon Pike). Met a cool guy, called himself Big Red, riding a fixie with a tall gear. We rode 4 or 5 miles together. Super cool guy. Wish I would have snapped his picture. Right brake lever came loose before I turned around. Stopped on the Bridge and took these pictures. Weather was beautiful. Hit the Charlotte Park backroads just as it was getting too dark to ride without a tail light. 3 hours exactly. Just about as close to a perfect ride as I can remember. I love to ride.

Realized my suspension fork on the mountain bike is blown (one more reason to ride the cross bike), need to take it into the shop so I can ride it later this week when it dries out. Since I've got to get up there anyway and since my mother and wife sleep late, tomorrow I'm getting up early to make the 8am group ride from Bikers Choice. I'll be riding the geared beater bike (only one with gears) so I'm sure I'll get a bunch of sideways glances from the roadies. Won't be the first time...

I'm working on taking better and more relevant pictures. I'll try to snap some off during the ride... bet that'll go over nicely! Saw a bunch of strange and overweight people out riding bikes today, maybe there IS hope!

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