Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Headed out to Montgomery Bell this morning. Arrived at the trailhead at 10:15, got the bike ready and met up with Brian (who took the shot of me). We poked around the Red and Blue and White loops for a couple hours. I've only been on the MTB three times since October 1st and it's pretty obvious to me when I ride.
The cross bike and the mountain bike have such distinctly different feels that it's tough to go back and forth. As much as I love the mountain bike, I'll probably do well to stay away from it and really focus on riding the cross bike through the rest of the month.

Got an email making a SouthernX entry available to me a few minutes ago. I would basically be trading my last weekend of cross racing in Chattanooga for one long day (50 mile cross race!) of riding. Having a hard time deciding... Any input would be appreciated.

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FullSquishy said...

Hey Travis,

You might ask Thad about that Southern Cross but I think that is a pretty elite group who get invited to do that. If I was good enough and had an invite I would go to it my friend. You will get to see some of the better riders in the SE I think. Just my .02 from what I have heard.