Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Cyclocross is fun. Bikes are fun. Single Speeds are fun. So it follows that Single Speed Cyclocross Bikes would be exceptionally fun. Like, really, really, really fun. And they are. I didn't really realize until today. I've been riding my Singlecross for awhile now, it'll be a month on Friday, and I've been enjoying it. But today, something clicked. I realized that this one bike, ONE BIKE, with one speed was pretty much capable of riding anything. With the exception of really rocky or technical singletrack this style of bike can ride fast, in nearly any condition, and require minimal maintenance. Everyone should get one and go.

Furthermore, if you haven't given it a real shot, Cyclocross deserves a chance. Not just one race on a mountain bike. That doesn't really count. I mean full on, Cross bike, minimum of three races, at least one in mud and rain. That's all it takes, I think, to make a full convert out of any serious mountain or road biker. Short races, constant action, multiple laps, multiple races, and convenient locations make cross perfect for racing and spectating. Combine that with the option of doing multiple races and racing against diverse groups of people, you pretty much can't beat it.

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