Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Beautiful ride today. Left the house at 1:30, headed straight to Percy Warner. Legs were stiff when I started, like usual. At one point I came across a flock of wild turkeys, spread across the entire road. In hindsight I wish I would have taken a photo. They were huge! Legs loosened up, felt great. Percy Warner gains enough elevation to be above the city and today I was in the clouds, riding through the fog. Naked trees, leaves on the road and fog. Wet, gray, cool. Perfect. Finished up coming back via the greenway.

I love bikes. What a brilliant invention.

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musicgirrrila said...

This is unrelated to biking, but messaging options on blogger are limited, so I'm being creative:

thanks for stopping by my blog ( Thanks for setting the record straight! I updated my posting to include your corrections!

Hope to see you guys back on the West Coast sometime. And congrats on the recent wedding!!

Rebeqa / musicgirrrilla