Thursday, April 30, 2009

Every Day in May

My wife's got this thing going on around her upcoming record release where she's blogging everyday in May. I want to do that too, except I'm changing the way this thing works. First, it ain't just about cycling anymore. Second, it ain't just about me anymore. Finally, it's got to include some pictures. More to come.

Dusters at the Belcourt tonight. 8pm, tickets available at the show or on

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I'm starting a new movement. The Work-ation movement. See if I can start a Work-ation Nation (nice ring, eh?) founded on the principle that all men (and women) should party at work, work should be party, that wage earning should be a synthesis of work and vacation. This, of course, is only practical for people fortunate enough to work in super fun industries (music, outdoor, etc...) that lend themselves to this synthesis... Ok, so I haven't sussed out all the details but I'm experimenting with the work-ation and it seems to be working out well.

Five days in California in late April. Two shows (work?) one at the biggest baddest country music festival in the world, Stagecoach. I know, I know, country music is what it is, but last night was a big fat party and the Stringdusters were a big fat part of it. Today we're taking it a step further with a full day out in the wilderness at Joshua Tree. I'm anticipating a mind-expanding day out in one of the trippy-est places on the continent with 5 of my best friends and no agenda. Tomorrow we head back to LA for a quick beach session before catching a Southwest flight to Nashville (layover in Vegas). Seriously. Getting paid to vacation. you should see the tan I'm working with...

It's been tough to get out on the bike recently, but I've managed a couple long rides at Monkey Bell and a few spins on the 'Cross bike. May is light so far as the travel goes so I anticipate getting in some more riding. Having a tough time getting inspired to race the Mountain bike. Just doesn't seem right, somehow. Next race will be the local TBRA race at Hamilton Creek. Planning to whip myself into an Excedrin-fueled fury for that one. The hometown races are always the most important. Anyway, I'm rambling. If I don't forget, I'll shoot some work-ation photos and post them up.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Larry Keel, the problem with Competetive Cycling

Three hours on the cross bike this afternoon, in the rain. Almost forgot how much I love that bike. 39x18 and knobby tires are the perfect combo so far as I'm concerned. No one out on the greenway today, guess it had something to do with the rain. Literally saw one lady out there. Almost felt like cross season again. Did I mention I love that bike (the one pictured at the top).

Read an interesting quote the other day, made me stop and think a little. Actually a lot. "When you try to beat the other guy, you test the other man's weaknesses and not your own." Heavy stuff. Pretty much ruined my mountain bike season. It's pretty profound, though, if you think about it. I mean, I started mountain biking for the speed, the thrill, the risk, the skill, the dirt, the spills, and because I grew up in a perfect place for it. I didn't start out doing it so I could prove that I was better than someone else. Mountain Bike Racing really doesn't serve much purpose for me anymore. I know I can ride a bike through the woods pretty fast, faster than most people actually, but what does that really matter. I still get tired, I still often bag a ride after 2 hours instead of pushing to 3. There are ways to push myself, to push my own limits that I haven't tried, in part because I'm satisfied to show up at some local race and ride faster than a few guys. It's pretty much a waste of time and money. With the money I spent driving to N.C. for a race a few weeks ago, I could have driven to Colorado and camped and ridden for days.

Of course, this does not apply to Cyclocross. I still plan to show up at the local race and race the locals, on a single speed, then try not to puke and hopefully pat myself on the back at the end of the day. There's something about that that I just won't be able to shake. Long live Cross. The CX1's are going to have their hands full with this tights wearing, beer schwillin' single speed rider come fall. If I give up on my Cross dreams now I'll just get fat...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

TT and Night Ride at Lock 4 Tonight

Headed out to L4 around 5pm for an evening session. Hoping some other folks will make it out.

5pm: Moderate Lap (mark course)
6pm: TT till dark
Dark: Couple laps with the lights on

Hope to see you out there.