Monday, December 15, 2008


In Colorado this week. Couldn't be more that 3 degrees here. I've got my riding gear, a good friend (Tim Watkins) owns a bike shop in town (Balanced Rock Bikes) and also owns a Rabbit Ti Single Speed he loans freely, but I just don't know if getting out and trying to ride an expensive loaner SS in the snow at 7am is really the best idea. Instead, I think I'll probably do the gym thing, swim, yoga, treadmill... you know, stay warm.

Saturday my father and I plan to go up to Loveland Ski Area and re-live our past. He and I used to scoot up to Loveland twice a month when I was a kid. I've even brought the ski boots (instead of the typical snowboard boots) so the re-creation will be complete. Sunday it should be a little warmer, and I'll have the middle part of the day free. Tim and I are planning a ride, not sure if we'll be on road or on trail or a combination... I'll probably be riding geared (ughhh...) but at least I'll be turning the cranks.

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