Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Easy ride today. Drove (I'm just being honest) to the Shelby Bottoms trailhead. It's a 50 minute ride to Shelby Park with numerous hills and after my lapse over the holidays I'm in a position where I have to train smart, not just hard, hence the drive to the greenway. I needed an easy, 2 hour, high RPM ride and the greenway is about the only place I can ride for that long without getting the heartrate up as the singlespeed forces harder effort on any sustained or steep climbs...

so anyway, I drove to the trailhead then rode to the dam and back. 1:50, really beautiful day, lots of people out there, especially at the ends. In the middle, between 2 Rivers Park and Lebanon Pike I hardly saw a soul. Forgot the camera today, I would have liked to pass along photos of the Stones River section.

Tomorrow I hope to get out on the Mountain Bike. I was able to warranty some of the innards and I think it's going to ride like silk. I'll try to remember the camera, since even I prefer to look at my posts with pictures.

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