Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Sun

I hadn't seen it since I'd been home.  After last week in California and Utah, I was getting pretty used to it.  This time of year if you get one sunny day a week in Nashville, you're stoked.  It ain't right, just a reality.  This morning I flung open the shutters (we don't have shutters, it's just a saying) and to my surprise, there it was, in all it's flaming glory.  The Sun.  My best friend.  I think it's a sign.  Odds are by the end of the day I'll be pumping the pump track. 

Stumbled upon the biggest dirt jumps I've ever seen hit on a 20:

A little mini-velodrome action?

Tonight the mountain bikers of Nashville will hopefully descend on the Warner Parks meeting at the Nature Center at 6:30 to help determine the future of the new land acquisition. 

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