Sunday, January 16, 2011


Snow sliding, in it's various forms, is addictive.  I'm addicted.  My personal addiction is strong, honed over several years in the San Juan Mountains at Purgatory, Wolf Creek, Telluride, and Hesperus ski areas and in the back-country around Silverton.  Today at Kirkwood was my first day on snow in awhile and it had all the elements, most importantly, it proceeded at it's own pace and in a natural arc.

Best line of the day was through that big gap at the top of the ridge.

In cyclocross, World Cup goes to France:

This is the only one of these I've seen all year that I've seen American racers.  I'm not ultra-patriotic, but it's important to me that we're competitive with Europe in cyclcross.  You can see Timothy Johnson at right in the still-frame.  There's a great moment at 7:30 where mountain bike specialist Fontana is leading the chase group and he goes down scattering the field.  It's excellent.  Pauwells grows some balls at 11:05.  Borish course, but a fun and fast last lap.

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