Friday, January 28, 2011

pump track expansion

decided last week, in the van, I was going to try to wedge an s-turn into the pumptrack.  the goal is to create the most interesting track in the minimum of space.  so after almost two straight days digging, I'm getting closer.

the 180 at the top is now a choice, you can 180 then roll down the re-worked front stretch, or do about a 220 and roll into the s-turns.  I had to move a lot of dirt to get it to flow.  I can't decide if my technique needs to improve or if I need to move more dirt, but it's not quite right.  yet.

this photo was taken from right next to the hay bale.

amazing what subtle changes will do to the flow.  it's true that you're never done with your pump track, there's always dirt to be moved. 

in Nashville news, the meeting for the Warner Parks expansion was well attended by mountain bikers.  I said my piece, so did a lot of other riders.  I'm optimistic, but not holding my breath.  at one point, a guy stood up and said, "I don't want mountain bikes in the Warner Parks.  you need to stop being selfish."  this got the expected response from the gathered.  clearly, if you have 0% of something, you're not being selfish asking for less than 10% of something owned by the public.  it seems more like the anti-mountain bikers, by wanting to keep us out of the new areas, are the selfish ones.  is it not enough to have 100% of Radnor Lake (children can be fined for running there, it's so uptight) and 100% of the vast Percy and Edwin Warner tracts?  there's only so much open space on the west side and you can't deny the mountain bike user group forever.  share that shit, people!


Ed Coyle said...

Have you hauled in dirt or is that just excavation mania? Lookin sweet man! I'd love to ride this pump track!

Booksy said...

pure excavation.

big sky on the horizon, I want a date with the big

Ed Coyle said...

The Couloir is insane right now. Fast, monster GS turns, as fast as you wannna go. Snow is so beautifully smooth, until you get to the bottom where it's variable windblown and you're hanging on for dear life. I've got some shit up my sleeve for you Booksy. Don't worry it's mellow!

Booksy said...

the knee can handle anything short of 5 foot drops, after that, it gets a little sketchy!