Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Epic Battle

I want to take this blogging thing seriously. I really do. I just don't really know what I have to say. There have been times when this blog is little more than a journal. Other times it's been worse; a training journal. Who cares about my latest single speed road ride under gray skies in Nashville? No one. I've only managed 2,000 views on this thing in several years. I've put up that many posts. Do the math.

There are posts about music, these tend to be more valuable. There was even a brief time I thought I would help the Nashville bicycle dialogue by tracking any and all cycling related developments in Nashville, but that was no fun, especially since I don't spend that much time in Nashville. I don't know what to do, it seems to continue on a path of journalistic journaling will only serve to support my fading but tenacious narcicism... does this thing have spell check?

So, to my loyal reader, these next few months could get strange. I don't really expect anyone to read this, but I'm going to find a groove here, create something useful, original, or interesting (maybe just best 2 out of 3). I've noticed on the other blogs I read, much of the content is borrowed. Apparently, if it's new to you... you know the slogan, I don't, actually. Anyway, to that end, here's a video I've watched over and over again this week. Sven Nys and Zdenek Stybar locked in an epic duel at the race named for Sven. It gets really good around the 10 minute mark.

There's no one tougher than Sven. HTFU.

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