Friday, January 7, 2011

Ski Tour Boo

Ski Tour 2011 is under way.  We've been in Seattle all week leading up to our show at The Tractor last night.  I starred in a short mystery we shot in the house we rented.

Belt Bikes is a sweet blog featuring belt-driven bikes. This was today's bike, a bamboo Cyclocross model from Boo Bicycles.  As cool as this bike looks, I wonder if a bike made out of a material who's structure is compromised when exposed to moisture is the right call for cyclocross. 

That said, I think this bike is absolutely beautiful.

In other news, the Tennessee Bike Racing Association posted the preliminary summer schedule. I don't really like to race my mountain bike, it's usually less fun than riding and I've developed a tendency to cramp during the hot races of the southern summer, so I doubt I'll be at many of these.  Already ready for the fall Cyclocross Calendar, but that usually pops up in April or May.

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