Monday, January 3, 2011

On the Road, again.

"When I go, on the road, I go fast, I go slow.
It gets cold, don't you know, won't get home, much this year.
And the stories, I will tell, when I've nothing left to sell,
wonder what's happening somewhere's else, won't get home much this year."

John Hartford

It is with tired legs that I board a plane in 3 hours bound for Seattle. The last two days of riding have been exceptional, the pump-track is all covered up with pine needles and pine boughs (so don't come over here trying to ride it) and the gear is all packed. 6 bags. Yep, 6. Timbuktu, gear case (both carry-on) suitcase, gear bag, flight-case (with bass) and snowboards... this will get expensive.

Shows in Seattle, Portland and points south. You can see the full tour schedule here:

Updates will be coming from the road, lots of running and a few days snowboarding the next few weeks. Hopefully some substantive thoughts as well, but no guarantees.

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