Monday, October 19, 2009

USGP Here I Come

Got home last night from a long weekend of rain in NC and SC. Got in two days of running but a night of moonshine drinking wasted a day and an ultra-early departure Sunday ate up the last morning so it was with (relatively) fresh legs I hit the road this morning. Clear blue sky on an early autumn day, tights and a base-layer but no additional clothing necessary. Hit the trusty Hillwood to Percy Warner to Belle Mead Blvd to Richland loop. It's funny how cylcocross racing has made seasonal depression a thing of the past.

Returned from a ride to find that our tour manager booked the drive up to MI this weekend in such a way that I can make it to the USGP race in Louisville on Sunday. Twice a year the Big Show comes close enough to Nashville for me to race. The band plays in Cincinnati on Saturday night and Sunday AM I beat it down to Champions Park in Louisville for day two of the Derby Cup. There's already 91 confirmed riders including most of the 2/3's from the scene here: Alex Dayton, Jordan Humble, Tanner Hurst, Ed Jaramillo, Edward Krei, Brent Mahan, Jeremy Nagoshiner, Nathan Newton, Matt Schupp... a mess of guys heading up there. Only 7 racers in the SS race that's going on at the same time so that decision was simple. Largest field I've ever been a part of was 25 4's mixed in with 25 masters at last years KY State Championships so this should be really really fun. I'm shooting for a top 25, which is ambitious, but it's only 45 minutes and I don't know any better.

Super stoked about this and fortunately I'll be sitting in a van on Thursday, Friday and Saturday so I'll have some fresh legs heading into Sunday. USGP, watch out.

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