Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kick Ass

Had a kick ass time today. Spent an hour setting up the course. Matt and Brian showed up. Matt was worn out from yesterday's epic gravel grinder (they forgot to call me, bastards) but we still went through the paces and got super muddy. I love guys who don't mind getting their super clean bikes totally covered in shit on a sunny day just for fun. The course is totally honed in, by-the-way, and if there were lights out there we'd do Wednesday night races.

Watched the SSWC video on YouTube. So pissed I missed it. I lived and rode in Durango for 5 years but I couldn't make it to the most epic SSWC ever. Grinding my teeth. Check out the video and tell me those trails don't look incredible. That's it, I'm moving back to CO ASAP.

Greek food with the family tonight then back to the couch for the Titans. They'll probably lose but that's nothing a few bloody mary's won't take care of. Planning a little greenway ride tomorrow around 11am over on the east side of town. If either of you who read this find yourselves available call me or shoot me an email. Bikes are fun.

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