Monday, October 12, 2009

Beautiful or Greenways are Fun

Long ride today with my man Jeremy D. Took the long way via the Metro Center Greenway. Discovered this little gem links to downtown a couple weeks ago and I've been trying it on. Fits alright, though I get tired of looking at the back of warehouses. Anyway, arrived late to the ride but Jeremy was in deep phone conversation anyway. Headed down to the Shelby Greenway, rode over to Stones River and found the elevated section had been crushed by a falling tree. Not awesome. We turned around and went and got some food at the Ugly Mug. Nice little Turkey sandwich and this incredible edible called the cookie sandwich wherein two cookies are pasted together with some type of maple frosting. Dangerous.

After that and a cup of coffee I started the trip home. Actually felt fantastic. Love bikes. It got sunny for a few minutes then clouded over. That always happens. 26 hours and I'm back on the road, off the bike and behind the mic, where I belong. No complaints. Have to head all the way to Gallatin tomorrow to pick up a shaving kit I left in the bus a few weeks ago. Might inquire about the status of L4, try to get in a couple laps on the old MTB before a week of running. Maybe, maybe not, hard saying not knowing.

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Rich said...

I've just bought my first bike since long ago disposed of Cannondale road bike in college (aka long time ago). Relatively new to Nashville, I love your discussions of all these great bike rides that are sans vehicles or at least more attuned to bicycles. Do you know of a good resource that encapsulates all these great rides in the Nashville area? If not, I would presumptuously like to nominate you! :)