Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nor'Easter Blues

It finally caught up to us. Hurricane whatever, Ida or something finally caught us. We've been slowly working our way north on this tour, Virginia, Maryland, Jersey, Brooklyn, Boston, and now up here in New Hampshire the rain's have arrived. Not a lot of sun these last two weeks but at least the morning runs were dry. Managed to find a bunch of nice greenways down in VA. DC area is especially good at creating space. I guess they have to make up for their inability to move traffic around.

The rain is forcing my runs inside, onto the human hamster wheel. I'm only good for 30-40 minutes on one of those things and I have to stop before my brain dissolves into some type of gelatinous edible. These long tours I'm a runner and there's little I can do about it. Two three week tours in the middle of 'cross season does not a single speed gear smasher make, if you know what I mean. Next season I'm going to dabble in gears. Don't hate me.

Here's some photo highlights:

Deer on a Virginia Greenway

                                 Slice of Salad Za on Long Island

Glass of Local Cider in New Hampshire

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