Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Nice little ride on the Shelby Greenway with my man JDar yesterday.  In the grand scheme of things, our little rides on the greenway are pretty mellow.  Lots of dudes around here take their riding more seriously; 1:45 on the bike followed by a New Belgium offering and some video watching would be considered "weak."  JDar and I are not ones to worry about our position relative to others (though we did smirk then talk trash for 10 minutes when three fixie hipsters passed us with their hands overlapping on their tiny little handlebars).  One of these days I'll call up JDar and we'll go kill ourselves on some super epic ride to a place I've never heard of but until then, we're content with the relative safety of the greenway. 

I've heard there are real legit group rides that leave from East Side Cycles.  When I get some gears I might show up, on my cross bike, with a camelbak and knobby tires, and scare the roadies to death with my sudden braking and swerving.  Until then it's greenways and Percy Warner and other familiar loops and rides that I do mostly by myself because I have one gear and no friends.

Today may be the day that my blog is accompanied by photos.  May have to decide between taking the iPhone and taking the Nikon.  Both have their advantages but only one has a super sweet case.

Nashville Cyclist does something smart; he actually raises awareness about issues that matter.  Brilliant.  I'll do the same here:

Share the Road Plates
Apparently, they need 1000 pre-orders for these by this summer to make it go.  I'm considering it, you might as well.

Greenways Update
So they're getting it all fixed up and adding a needed section.  The Metrocenter/Downtown link is a regular part of my routine (it'd be ideal if the Metrocenter continued for about 10 miles down to Bells Bend, but I'm not complaining) and there's still never anyone on most of it.  They're inacting a 15mph speed limit.  I will not be obeying this.  I will pay fines if they can catch me.  Wouldn't they need to have super fit bike cops on super fast bikes to pull off this enforcement?  Time will tell...

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