Tuesday, November 3, 2009

20 Day Bicycle Fast/Nor'Easter Tour

Headed out today for my last ride for 20 days.  The Stringdusters are headed to the Northeast for the Nor'Easter Tour, a 15 date ramble that takes us through much of the mid-Atlantic and lower Northeast.  I'll be off the bike as there's not really room in the trailer.  Lots of running in the cold.  Optimistic it'll translate to decent fitness (maybe a little weight loss) and fresh legs come the 23rd.  Last night a put slicks and a 42x16 on the cross bike.  That's 11 gear inches more than I had on there and my short jaunt around the neighborhood in the moonlight made it clear it was going to be a whole different ride.  Bottom Bracket is also shot from last weekend so I've got a little added resistence there, which is nice.

Headed out on a relatively flat loop to test out the big gear.  Mid-ride I have to stop by the studio to sing one last harmony part on the Dusters record and that'll be done.  It'll be nice to not have that hanging out over my head for the next month.  I like things to be complete. 

Sarah and I checked out this awesome, outdated, but large (by our standards) house in Fortland Park yesterday.  It's two blocks from the Shelby Bottoms Greenway and a ten minute ride from downtown.  You could not ask for a better location to be a cyclist, not to mention the backyard is large enough for a pump track/dirt jump area (honey, can I tear up the yard?  thank you).  Unfortunately, with me being out of town there's only so much we can do to get our house ready to go on the market so we'll have to cross our fingers and trust that if it's to be ours, it will be. 

I'll get a camera, I promise.  Until then, you'll have to deal with text and links.  May not post up much until I'm back on the bike the week of Thanksgiving.  If you want to check out any of my music/tour related ramblings, I've got a full time gig as band blogger on our blog the Infamous Word.  It has it's moments...

Nor'Easter Tour Trailer, by Chris Pandolfi:

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