Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Later the Same Day

Double Post today.  Increased frequency = quality reduction.  This time I got pictures.

Left the house in shorts, a base layer and a jersey.  Under the I-40 bridge this dude came roaring by me on a gas powered bike.  I tried to catch up before the light and get a good picture but he plunged directly into traffic.  This is the best shot I got.

Hit the Richland Greenway and stopped to hike down a side trail, adjust my brakes and ditch the base layer.  Sleeveless jersey (old school) and shorts the day before Thanksgiving, beautiful.  Rode across the greenway bridge then ducked through the Kroger parking lot and hopped on Belle Mead Blvd.  BMB is a two lane residential divided road.  Full on Boulevard.  Very mellow uphill pitch leading straight to the Warner Loop.  Sun was shining, I shot this self portrait.

This was the calm before the climbing storm.  I'd not ridden the Warner Loop since I'd geared up and I got my ass absolutely kicked by the three substantial climbs on the loop.  I didn't have to walk and the third climb actually seemed a lot shorter than I'd remembered but it was tough pushing the 42x16 up those hills.  I briefly stopped at the overlook on the last climb.

Went back the same way I arrived, down Belle Mead, down the Richland Creek Greenway.  Walked down a trail that passed under the elaborate bridge system and found a nice rocky patch to hang out on for a moment.

That's it.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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