Sunday, November 29, 2009

Duo Video/RV/Sue

Titans game today, 27th row.  Many many Bud Lights and footlong hot dogs and fries will pass through this body by tonight.  No riding in December.  Opting to leave the bike at home on the 18 day tour.  The logistics are too daunting and I don't have any extra $$ to throw at elaborate travel plans right now.  The next three days I'll be on the bike and Christmas week I'll throw down but in the middle there it'll be a lot of running.  Not ideal for January, the second peak of my season, but what's a guy to do?  Pulled in so many directions, so many things that want to be done, that need attention.

Sarah and I are locking in the dates for our March Duo Tour out west.  I'm acting as booking agent and it's been an eye opening experience.  I've been salivating over this little number; it would make the perfect duo tour vehicle.  Park in the venue parking lot, I could get up early and drive to the ski resort/trailhead and do my thing while Sarah slept, then drive off the mountain, into the next little town, soundcheck, dinner, show, repeat.  Paradise.  I could follow that schedule the rest of my life, really.  It would also be killer at the races (don't know about the mud factor).

Sarah and I played on Black Friday at the Taproom in Nashville.  Love the Duo setting.  Here's a taste:

The show was packed and loud but our sound engineer, Drew Becker, stopped in and worked the sound for free beer. I love the Taproom, what a killer zone. Drank a bunch of the limited edition Sue from Yazoo. Ridiculous. Probably going to get a growler or ten of this before they stop making it.

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they are bottling it now. hell yeah