Sunday, November 9, 2008

11.9 Hoss of Cross

Today I rode in the Hoss of Cross outside McEwen, TN. It was a perfect course on private land. Legit singletrack, minimal pavement, a burly run-up, and a killer cloverleaf in the field. Cumberland Transit and all the other volunteers did a great job. I arrived early, around 8:30. Cat 4's went off at 10, there were 18 of us, I was the only one stupid enough to enter on a singlespeed. I led briefly in the first lap, but drifted back to 4th through laps 2 and 3. I finally started breathing again in the 4th lap and reeled in 3rd place, passing him on the last short climb before the downhill finish, but, since it was a downhill finish, and I only had one gear (39x18) he came by me and beat me by a wheel length. Maybe next year I should get a geared bike for the Cat races. I really think I'd have had no problem pulling of 2nd place if I'd have been geared.

I hung out the rest of the day, watching, heckling, eating and riding. 2pm rolled around and there were only 5 of us for the singlespeed race. Tanner immediately went right off the front. The Freak and I went back and forth for the first lap and a half, then he just sorta rode away from me.

I guess after feeling like my lungs bled in the cat 4 race I couldn't bring myself to really reach to pull him back again. Spent the last lap and a half just sortof hanging on. Coasted in a couple minutes behind Tanner Hall and 15-20 seconds behind Richard Freeman. Tanner's ridiculous. 15 year olds shouldn't be able to push the pedals like that. What a diesel.

Can't believe I haven't done one of these in 7 seasons. I literally thought I was going to puke at least 3 times, when I finished the first race I felt like my lungs were bleeding. By the end of the second race I almost couldn't face the last barrier section. I'm feeling good, though. Motivated. I think I'm going to feel great at the State Championships next weekend. Tanner will probably be there, if he is, I doubt anyone will beat him. I'm curious to see who busts out their singlespeeds for the occasion.

There were a few guys out there on mountain bikes. The Columbia races take place in January. If you've never done 'cross, I'd suggest you give it a shot, it hurts. bad.

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