Friday, November 7, 2008

Rain, 'Cross, Bass

Life's good. Lot's of riding this week. The 'cross bike's starting to feel more comfortable, like it should. Headed out to Music City Thrift today to try and hook up a fixie project (heard about a $15 Peugot) then up to Bikers Choice to put some shorter cranks and a 20t on the 'cross bike for Sundays Race. If the weather holds I'll head out to Shutes Branch, the newest, coolest, rollin-est trail network in Nashville. It rained a little this morning so I should be able to get some work done rolling the trail in. Then maybe home tonight to convert the new fixie.

Been working on a new urban trail network at an undisclosed location. It's close to home and underutilized, city owned, and full of homeless people. I'm hoping to cut away a little brush and open up some sweet, short, twisty singletrack, hopefully oust some of the bums and possibly even put a 'cross race on. We've got the perfect combo of trail, pavement, field, a long steep run-up and easy access. More to come, or maybe less to come.

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