Friday, November 14, 2008

The Life

The other night, we were backstage, hanging out having dinner before the gig in Savannah, GA. We got on the topic of being rich. Absentmindedly I said, "If I was loaded, I would just ride ride my bike and play music." Andy Hall made a stupid face and said, "isn't that pretty much what you do right now?". It seemed like a simple statement but it hit me like many many bricks. He was right, that is exactly what I do right now. I mean, I would probably ride more and tour less if I was loaded, but I'd end up doing exactly what I do now.

Actually, today is a pretty perfect example of The Life of me. Heading out in 10 minutes for a ride. When I get back I'll eat breakfast with the wife, then drive up to The Bikers Choice to get a new crankset put on the 'cross bike (got to get those 170's on the Single Speed). After that I'll play a little guitar, maybe work on my bike. 4-7 I have a session playing bass on someone's record, then I head out to the local bar for a random pickup gig with some random pickers. Ride, Eat, Wife, Music. All my favorite things. If I can catch a never before seen episode of Family Guy at the end of the night before bed, it'll be a perfect day.

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