Saturday, November 29, 2008


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Thursday, as I was standing on the Tennis Court at Charlotte Park, watching my niece ride in happy little circles, with the warm November Sun beating down on my shirtless back (it was that warm) I was struck by a moment of inspiration. From the Tennis Courts I could see most of the park and was struck by the amount of natural terrain suited to cyclocross. It was in that moment that I decided I would map a course and find a way to host a race next fall in Charlotte Park. So I've posted the map and I'll be out there, at least once a week, riding and tweaking my course. I've also set in motion a plan to host a weekend of cross racing in my neighborhood, my own little local economic stimulus package.

I've also started a group on called Nashville Cross. I hope anyone who's on there will sign up (and if you're not on there, check it out). I'm also considering launching a website for Nashville Cyclocross, the goal being to create one place that any and all Nashville Cross racers can go for info and to develop a mailing list to help promote next years races. There are at least two other individuals that have expressed interest in hosting races in the greater Nashville area. I'm feeling a series coming on. If you've got any interest in getting involved, let me know.

The season is over for many people, but for me it's only about half over, maybe less depending on my motivation in January. I had planned on going to Conyers, GA for a race tomorrow but I've changed plans and will be headed to Louisville to race on the "Greens". It's closer, probably a better course, but I'll only get to race one race, CX4, instead of the two races I would have entered down in GA.


Alan Sparks said...

how big are the classes in Nashville? I just stumbled across your blog, thought I would ask.


Booksy said...

As of right now there are no races in Nashville, but local races Beat the Freak in Fayetteville and Hoss of Cross in McEwen (each about 1-2 hours away) see 20-30 in CX4 and Masters categories. CX3 gets 10+, SS sees 5-10 and Pro gets 2-10. The hope is to mobilize the local racers and ideally turn more folks on, create a scene.