Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's Long?

For some, 4.5 hours of steady, even hard riding is not long. I don't trust those people. Got all fired up for some reason today and decided to try to link to two furthest points of two of my regular rides. I've fantasized for awhile about a route that traveled through most of Nashville's Greenways and Parks in a "grand loop." Essential in this is finding the right roads to take... I've got it dialed in out to the J. Percy Priest Dam via Shelby Bottoms, and I've got it dialed in out to Percy Warner Park via several routes. So all I had to do to take the first major step was link Percy to Percy. No Problem, right?

View Percy to Priest in a larger map

That's how it went with one minor detour. I was pretty cashed out already when the sun started to set. Blue Dot was the location of the photo.


And that was still 1:20 from home. Notice my enthusiasm:


I got tired on this one. It wasn't dark when I got home but it was damn close and the temperature had dropped from around 40 to just above freezing. I calculated 54 miles on the map but it was probably closer to 56. Could have used some gears... or not.

Snowstorm's coming in, expecting several inches tonight. Planning to head to Johnson City for two days of racing but may end up scrapping Saturday on account of snow and sleep. Season's almost over, head out west for 8 weeks 7 days from now. No more riding for awhile, but that's why the header says "and other things."

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