Thursday, January 7, 2010


If you've ever owned a roof rack for your bike, you've had some jackass friend who's said you're going to drive into something and rip your bikes off.  I didn't drive into something, but someone else did and now my car is "totalled."  So I was going for a ride, stopped to get my oil changed, went for a walk and when I got back, this is what I see.

Apparently, they pulled it in fine, changed the oil, then John Q. Dumbass drove it out without putting the door all the way up.  Since my bike is sooo overbuilt (thanks Bianchi?) it ripped the factory rack tracks right out of the roof of my car.  Since Yakima is so stout, the rack dented my car... badly.  $1200-$2400 in damage depending on who you ask.  Totalled.  Sweet.

So I freaked out. They're paying for it. I'll probably take the money, fix my damaged stantion tubes on the fork, fill the holes in the roof with putty and get a rear mounted rack until I get my next vehicle this summer (hand-me-down 4Runner) on which I will boldly re-mount my roof rack and tempt fate again.

Kwik-Kar. Should have suspected something was up when I read the cleverly misspelled Quick Car...

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