Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gray (Grey)

It's gray.  It's always gray in Nashville this time of year.  Just 9 days until Ski Tour.  In the meantime we have the State Championships coming up.  I'd planned to wrap up the racing a lot earlier but Sarah's leaving town on Friday and my form is surprisingly good right now so I figure why not.  Adam Meyerson's going to be there and I expect some quick guys from across the State Line will show up so it should be fast and the competition should be fierce.  Right now only Adam and I are registered for the Sat/Sun races, but I imagine that'll change on race day.  That is unless the snow they're predicting comes. 

Last time I was in Johnson City, I was doing two nights at the DownHome and had planned to race at the MSG Races but bagged it last minute.  Woke up Saturday morning to a bunch of snow, so instead of watching the race and freezing my ass I hunted down the nearest AT access and went for a hike.  This time I'll be in the thick of it and I hope it shits snow.  In preparation (it's not training, it's preparation) I'm going to try to get out today on the cross bike and freeze my ass.  Can't wait for winter to be over...

Just in case you're wondering, training is still lame.  Hasn't changed over here at Camp Booksy.  I found myself on a run yesterday "planning" my "training" week and I had to stop myself and say, "hey, dumbass, you gave that shit up, remember?  Training is for professionals and weenies and you, my friend, are neither.  Stop thinking about training and start thinking about sun and beer."  This worked.  The run was much easier, I almost forgot to stop running at the appointed "cool down" spot.  Now, I will say, there will be some "intentional preparation" for the race this weekend.  I mean, it is the Tennessee State Superior Universal Cyclocross Stampede Championships of America, and I want to prove to everyone in attendance (both of you) that I am the best amateur bike racer in the history of that day.  So I'll eat well, ride twice, take it easy on Friday, do some yoga, and try to turn myself inside out two days in a row, but this will not be called preparation.  I will refer to it as "doing stuff," which, ultimately, it simply is.

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