Monday, January 4, 2010

"Rock the One Cog"

This is pretty funny. Ryan Bosio turned me on to it in his race report from last weekend.

Told myself I was going to stop blogging for awhile. Told myself I wasn't going to race bikes anymore for awhile. I was lying to myself. Here's another conflicted blog entry and I raced last weekend and might do it again this weekend. It was fun. I didn't have any competition but I enjoyed it and felt really good. I have to type in this style after watching the cyclo-cross videos. Seriously, I was going to give blogging up, but last week I had three people ask me if I'd changed the URL and if I was going to blog anymore. The answer at the time was "yes, and maybe," accompanied by a long explanation about doing vs. training and that sort of stuff. Turns out doing IS good training, racing bikes around a field even when it's by myself for an hour is fun if I feel good and blogging is a natural extension of my world-view. Also I watched Julie and Julia the other night and now I'm harboring the illusion that if I just continue to blog, eventually it'll get good and someone will offer me a book deal.

"Help is on the way..."

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