Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Riding

Headed to AEDC yesterday, my first time there. Gorgeous.

Took a lap, around 11 miles of sweet singletrack and old fire roads. Ate some food and took a lap in the opposite direction. Much much better counter clockwise. 3 hours, 22 miles.

This is what most of it looked like. Very sweet.

Here's something Colorado could learn from:

Segregation is good for bikes and horses.

Today I tried a new route across town to my meeting, straight down Charlotte. Got home in 32 minutes, usual route takes an hour. This is a good thing.

Found out about a cyclocross race in Louisville.  I went to post something on Twitter and Bob's Red Mill was trying to tell me to go.  So I'm going.  I'm done training.  Training is a dumb idea.  I want to just do things, not train for them.  BSNYC gave me that idea.

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