Saturday, December 19, 2009


Last night I got all worked up thinking I was heading up to Louisville tomorrow for the Cyclo-Claus race.  This afternoon I changed my mind, deciding if I was going to ride around in the cold and wet, I wasn't going to pay $20 and sit in a car 6+ hours.  Instead I'll pay $0 and sit in the car for 1.5-3 hours.  Considering my options as it's been raining and wet.  Had such a nice ride out at AEDC, considering that again or maybe Sewanee, haven't been there since January.  Probably end up at Montgomery Bell since it's closest and probably in the best shape but I'm still a little burned out on the twisty scene over there.

There's also the possibility of doing a long road ride or a multi-use exploration adventure employing the bike and some boots.  Either way, I'm about to crack my second beer and officially bow out of tomorrow's Cyclocross Race. 

No photos today.  Maybe tomorrow's adventure will yield some visual accompaniment.

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