Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Enough About Wanting

Saw this contraption on BSNYC this morning.  He referred to it as an idiot concept bike. I would say I want to have it but since it was just black friday and the last post was all about wanting shit, I'll want not.

Except that I might add the Carolla needs new front axle/CV joints and a radiator to the tune of $800.  Sweet.  I could buy a new bike for that.  I could pay off credit card debt with that.  I could save for future-child's college with that.  I could buy an Xtracycle and stop driving for that.

I know I shouldn't complain but the ride home last night to beat the dark (45 minute TT) agrivated my right knee.  It's a sleeping giant, this knee problem.  I'm beginning to think that the inconsistency of my riding (not by choice, I might add) coupled with a larger gear for the road is setting me up for some long term issues.  I need gears.  I'm sorry, fellow SS lovers, but as my manager said, "single speeds are for assholes."  At least on the road.  Why have I convinced myself that I can/should do 4 hour road rides on a single speed cyclocross bike in the cold, over hills with a 42x16?  It makes you wonder, right?  Maybe Santa will bring me a geared bike for christmas, or better yet, maybe some high-end bike company will stumble upon this ameteur blog and misinterpret my zealousness for readership and offer me a bike.  Maybe my knee won't blow out before ski season...

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