Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Home at Last

If you follow this blog, you may have too much time on your hands.  You also know that I've been on the road, away from home for several weeks.  I have big plans, serious adventure plans for this week, starting first thing tomorrow, but in the meantime, I feel like I should quickly summarize the last few weeks with a simple narrative and some photos.  Ready?

Super Cool Painting at our Managers House

First weekend we were in East Tennessee. I could have raced in the MSG Cyclocross race out there but logistically it was a nightmare and I was sick after Thanksgiving so I bagged it. The previous post shows what I did instead. Spent Monday and Tuesday in Charlottesville doing a photo shoot (photos forthcoming) and doing a shit-ton of band business. This painting is in our managers appartment, I found myself staring at it until the kids eyes freaked me out. Try it.

Railroad Earth with 4 Infamous Stringdusters ripping

We finished our year opening for Railroad Earth for 3 nights.  Our van broke down in VA, so we scrambled, rented a van and beat it to Brooklyn with 45 minutes to spare. Here's video:

RRE is everything a band should be. Everyone (but me) got up and jammed with them the second night and it was sick. Here's a little YouTube Video. It's gets crazy around 6:20.

Sarah came to the last show and we stayed somewhere in Maryland before going to see my grandparents in Lancaster County, PA. Lancaster County is Amish country and is home to two great towns, Intercourse and Blue Ball. We were driving through Intercourse before I even realized it. We had to stop and get a picture:

Welcome to Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Sarah and I rocked Brooklyn and Bayport, NY, then I hopped a shuttle to ISP and flew home but not before seeing this little gem of a magazine cover. Bad timing, eh boss?

Tip #5: Don't get married.

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anders said...

that RRE/ISD vid is classic. THAT right there is what its all about...but i know you know that, already. call me when your done biking 800 miles tomorrow. i'll be waking up.