Thursday, September 10, 2009

Long Ride

3 hours on the Mountain Bike yesterday at Lock 4 just about killed me. The cramps are back. I don't know if I've gone soft, if all my running has left my legs ill-prepared for the SS or if this is just what happens now, but the last three times I've really put it down on the Mountain Bike, I've battle serious cramps. My intention was to do four laps at a 6 lap pace to determine if I could ride 8 laps in 6 hours for the inaugural 6hr race at Lock 4 on October 10. I did, missing the mark by only 1:35, but I battled some serious cramps early on that sent me to the car midway through lap 3. So, 6 hours of riding aren't necessarily the best preparation for 'cross season, but it came up on the calendar, on a weekend I'm home, and it's 45 minutes from the house and I don't know if I can do it, so I think I'll try, though, after yesterday I'm having my doubts. I'm going out again on Wednesday, the day before I leave for two weeks, to give it another go, hopefully do 5 laps at the same pace and see how I feel. David told me yesterday he's considering dropping the price to $50 for a week to encourage pre-registration. If he does that, he'll probably seal my fate. So three hours seems to be my limit right now, I'm praying I can do nearly 4 by next week. It shouldn't be so hard, Lock 4 has virtually no climbing, but I've got the runner's quads going on right now and there's not a whole lot I can do about it.

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