Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So, it's been awhile. A long while. I've entered a few races this summer, had some success, some vast failure (my explosion at Stanky Creek for example) and now, as I return home from another long and beautiful tour, I greet the fall season. cyclocross. So the question then is, Can I keep this blog up? I've been blogging consistently for the band on our Tumblr blog, the Infamous Word and I dig the interface but the aesthetics blow so I suppose I'll stick with One Speed. For those of you who follow (both of you) this blog should indicate a return to blogging dominance. If I can figure out how to do this from my phone, you can count on some riveting content. If not, well, dear reader, you will still be bombarded with random thoughts and ride recounts... anyway, as I prepare for season two on the cross bike, it's time to go ride, then tear that old boy down and recable the entire apparatus. Headed out the door for another warm weather afternoon ride, but soon the air will crisp, the leaves will fall, and I'll line up for my 7-10 races before the glorious ski season begins. It's all cycles, people, and finding the balance is always difficult, but always rewarding. Until next time (or later today) adios.


Ed said...

if you've got a phone that does email, you can use it to update the blog. here are instructions:
hope to see you at the cx races soon.

Booksy said...

I wish they'd just make an app.