Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cyclocross Practice Tonight

The folks at Uphill Grind, purveyors of fine cyclocross races in the Nashville area (Cross the Way Series) are putting on their weekly practice session just down the street from my house in West Park. I'm a little bummed we aren't using my personal practice course just around the corner in Charlotte Park, but such is life. I'm hoping to drag them over there sometime and show them just how great it is.

This week I've done a few days on the mountain bike with mixed results. Sunday I headed to Montgomery Bell with the intention of riding a few hours and just got bored. Weird, huh? I guess it's just that time of year... But I will say that riding around aimlessly in a 100 acre park is losing it's appeal. I think it's time to move back to CO, home of the all day epic. That's the plan, at least, in the next few years, to relocate to my homeland.

Headed out for a lap or two around Percy Warner with my boy Jeremy prior to cross practice, hopefully it'll be rainy and miserable. I know no one reads this thing, but if you do, if you find yourself with nothing to do tonight at 5:30, head over to West Park and catch the fever!! It'll hurt.

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