Friday, February 20, 2009

TBRA Standings

Even though my season has been over for almost a month now, the rest of Tennessee has one more weekend. I'm still ranked 3rd in CX3 and 2nd in SS but I could very easily fall a place or two in either if the right people show up for the late season races.

Ski Tour is taking it's toll on me. I can't tell if I'm getting in or out of shape, either way I've only got three more days of this tour in the cold country and I'll be back to running, a lot.

Yesterday I tried to run, but the ground was completely covered in snow and ice and the wind was blowing steadily. I only ran about 20 minutes before I threw in the towel. The gigs the last few nights have been going until 2 or 3am and the van call has consistently been early enough that I've prioritized sleep. It's nice to get away from the scale for a few days but I sense that I'm slipping a little. Can't wait to get back to the warmth and the pool and the bike.

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