Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jerry Douglas at Big Sky

Jerry Douglas Band, Crooked Still and The Infamous Stringdusters tonight at the Big Sky, Big Grass Festival. Just looked out my window and it's snowing again. Our banjo player has been filming a documentary of our tour so I embedded it. He does the "movie trailer" voice at the top and it absolutely kills me every time.

Had another good day of skiing. It's getting a little skiid off up here, but if it keeps coming down tonight the snowboard will come out tomorrow. Bicep/elbow is healing nicely, (or maybe it's the Maker's Mark) I can fully extend it for the first time since Thursday. Also got some inside info on the Tennessee Cyclocross Schedule next year, only seven months till the barriers come out again.

It's cold in Montana, but I think I like it here. It feels like the real west out this way. I grew up in Colorado and always thought it was the west, but it's lost a little of it's character and it's isolation. There's a house on every horizon. Things just aren't the same. If I ever start to make some money I'm buying a piece of land within' an hour of Big Sky and putting a yurt on it.

That scattered enough for ya?

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