Friday, February 20, 2009

Bike Ban on River Road

As copied from an email from Halcyon Bike Shop

Bicycle Ban Gaining Momentum

A bill to ban bicycles on River Road in Davidson County (House Bill
0342 and Senate Bill 0276) is proceeding through the Tennessee
Legislature. River Road is a typical state rural highway with light to
moderate traffic and no paved shoulder. There have been no bicycle-car
crashes on this road in the last 5 years. If a ban is successful, many
such roads across the state would be likely candidates for a ban as
well. All bicyclists are urged to contact their representatives and
members of the House Rural Roads Subcommittee. Bicyclists are also
encouraged to attend the subcommittee meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 24 at
1:30 in Room 31 of Legislative Plaza.
It is critical that everyone makes an effort to reach these
representatives, regardless of where you live. We will keep you posted
about future developments or you can visit the websites below.
Please contact Rep. Johnson, the subcommittee chair, at

or call 741-7477.

The other subcommittee members are listed at

To find your own representative, visit

You may also contact the bill's sponsors:

Rep. Gary Moore


Senator Joe Haynes


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GenghisKhan said...

That's a rip and good luck in the fight. Once they ban one road, they'll have precendence set. Again, good luck!