Monday, February 2, 2009

Say It Louder

This is my wife's new record, available on for free for the next few weeks. It's really really amazing and I'm not just saying that.

Back on the bike today after a full week off. Dropped the wagon off at the shop this morning (exhaust manifold gasket, under warranty, no charge!) and rode home. Riding back over there to pick it up in a few minutes. Got the old geared mountain bike out, it feels like the frame's about to fall apart, I'm constantly looking down at the chainstays half expecting one to be separating from the rest of the apparatus.

Infamous Stringdusters epic Ski Tour 2009 starts this week in Denver. No riding for a couple/few weeks, but there will definitely be some skiing, snowboarding, running, hiking and swimming. The band's buying a new trailer today so I'll be trying to find a way to drag a bike along, but until then, it's running shoes, ski boots, warm clothes and tight-ass swim trunks!

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