Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Beautiful cold day. Rode over to the east side of town to pick up a hotrodded freewheel from Dan. Then over to my friends house to watch him paint for 10 minutes. Mad dash home across the river to get home in time for a meeting of the minds (Obama said to get to work). Ran into a guy on a Lynskey cross bike with couplers for flying. Very cool. Was feeling good about my physical condition, my relative core-ness until I stumbled across this guy and even more this guy. I don't know how a guy could maintain 21mph for 92 miles, but apparently it's nothing out of the ordinary for Fuzzy. I'm linking these guys blogs to mine, this is the kind of adventure I want to hear more about.

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ZaskarLE said...

T shoot me an e-mail ( think I got your wrong phone number from tanner) I have some contact info for you for Chattanooga, if you'd like a place to stay. Regrettably I will not be able to attend as I'm headed home this weekend for family stuff.