Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cross-A-Nooga #2 (or My Season Finale)

Last race day of the season, could not have gone better. They changed a couple sections of the course, adding two tricky sections that I had to run and adding a chicane. First race I found myself off the front again, with a 5-10 bike length lead over the first Pro. I stayed out front through the first lap, then let the two of them ride up to me. The three of us stayed together, trading places for the next 3 laps. On the final lap, through the first 1/3rd of the course, they got a 10-15 length gap (I was forced to run a section they were riding and by the 6th lap, I was starting to lose a little ground), but I was able to close it down through a series of corners, finally catching them in the mud and sand. I knew I wouldn't be able to beat anyone geared in a sprint, so I attacked as soon as I made contact. With 1/3rd of a lap left, I got enough space to stay ahead, finishing first, in front of the 1's and 2's as well as the 3's.

An hour later the SS open class went with the 4's. I was feeling good, it was my last race of the season so I just put my head down and hammered. Made it around 5 times. Almost got a little teary-eyed coming across the finish line. It's been such an amazing season, I never expected to end up the the kind of form I did. I've met so many great people and beaten myself into such good shape, I'm really sad it's over. Fortunately I have a lot to look forward to next season and in the meantime, it's cross-training and mountain bike season. There will probably be fewer ride related posts, but single speed is as much a mind-set as anything so I'll be posting up some random thoughts, and photos (hopefully, forgot the camera again today) from rides, runs, and general adventures.

This weekends results put me in 3rd overall in the CX3's and 2nd overall in the SS categories. I'll most likely drift down a few places after the Knoxville weekends but I'm pretty happy to have topped out on the podium. If my season wasn't ending I'd have a shot at moving up in the 3's.

Thanks to Nate, Freeman, Tanner, Ed, Travis, David, Jeremy, and all the other guys who helped me out, yelled at me when I was obviously slacking and generally added to fun-factor and camaraderie aspect of the races. There's a bunch of you who's names I can't remember or didn't get, but the Central Tennessee cyclocross racing scene is one-of-a-kind and I'm really honored to be a part of it. Until next year...


cyclocrossfreak said...

ou Are The Man.... Tell me again how I beat you at the Hoss of Cross," Oh, it was your first race". Something you might do before you throw away all that new found fitness is a time trial on a cx course that will be around next year and the following. Get a good warm up and do two 10 min laps, recover and do it again. Right it down so when fall hits you know where you stand. I did it today with Steve, his first lap was a 13 flat, mine 11min 13 seconds, his second was a 13:45, I don't know if he was really crushing it, but I left nothing on the course. No dismounts, just a staight up TT on pavement, grass, gravel, and lots of 180's. I just catted up to a two on the road and cross so get ready for the Freak.

Congrats again,

cyclocrossfreak said...
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Steve Swindall said...

Upgrade to a 2? You shouldn't stay there long.

Edward said...

It was a blast racing you and Tanner in Columbia. Sounds like next year we will have some good races. Freak, Jeremy Nagoshiner, Jeremy Chandler, you, me. I'm with you - can't wait til next year. Nice work in Chattanooga. You are riding strong and can fly in the mud. Good luck in mtn bike.