Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cross-A-Nooga #1

Cyclocross. My last weekend 'til September. Long day, good company, great course and good outcome. I usually love riding and today was no exception. I've finally got my pre-race routine down, just in time to forget it again for months. Definitely credit the yoga for always setting up a good day of racing. French press. Quinoa. Gallons of Water. Met Nate at 7am off Bell Rd. then drove south to Chattanooga.

The course featured a tight front half, including a really tricky steep right hand switchback that everyone was having trouble with. A few off camber sections, brief run-up, a little mud, and some tricky sand. The second half was wide open, flat out and back with a some dirt road before a barrier and a couple turns right before the finish.

CX3 went with the 1's and 2's and were first on the course at 11. From the start I stuck with the 1st and 2nd place Pro's, sitting in, letting them do all the work and trying to stay out of the way. When we hit the sand on lap 5, they both went down. I missed them and got a little gap but didn't think I could keep it. Coming through the start/finish I sat up and let them get ahead to do their thing. I followed them in, finishing 15 seconds behind. Nate got third, which is badass for his first race. He and I are both of the opinion that there are a bunch of 4's that should upgrade.

I was feeling good today, stretching my legs a little. Single speed race, CX4's went at the same time. There were just 5 of us in the SS class. I waited about of third of the way through the first lap and I hit the gas and went for broke. 5 laps in 30 minutes. Felt best on my 10th lap of the day. I think I will upgrade to CX2 at the end of the season, not give myself any "out" when October rolls around.

No camera, again. I'm going to go put it in the car right now. Same thing tomorrow.

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