Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nashville MPO Survey

The Nashville Area Metropolitan Planing Organization wants community input regarding sidewalks, greenways, and bike lanes. I don't have to tell you how deficient Nashville is in these areas and my hope is that some of the money our new president is setting aside for "infrastructure" could end up going toward "clean" or "green" infrastructure like the construction of more greenways, bike lanes and sidewalks. If you have an extra 3 minutes (and if you're at your desk, you definitely can afford to sacrifice 3 minutes of Facebook time, seriously) please go here and take a quick survey. You also may consider shooting out an email with the link to a few of your like-minded friends.

My cyclocross season has ended. I'm feeling a tremendous sense of loss and a sort of listlessness I haven't felt since September. To make matter worse I went out after the race Sunday and ate two huge plates of Mexican food and drank a 30 oz. beer and half a pitcher of Margarita. Needless to say, my legs still feel like crap. Fortunately the lousy weather and sore legs are keeping me from getting outside, forcing me to do a little transitional downtime. Yesterday I spent the day planning my next training cycle (which included finding a 5k/10k in February, mapping out all the mountain bike races I can make between March and August and fitting one road stage race into the schedule) all in an effort to keep me fit and motivated and get me ready for next cyclocross season.

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