Saturday, January 5, 2013

On News

Twitter has become my favorite place to catch breaking and interesting news.  I can aggregate several different feeds and it's coming in real time.  This today from Mother Jones was particularly interesting, a connection between lead poisoning and crime rates.  Wonder what else we're collectively doing that is causing us longterm harm...  probably damn near everything.  There's a few news feeds that are super valuable, like NPR and CNN.

Huffington Post's Twitter feed this morning, however, sent me over my own cliff.  The first three tweets were about Jessica Alba, Sofia Vargara, Diane Keaton and a Kardashian.  THIS IS NOT NEWS.  Huffington Post is not exactly fair and balanced, but I was counting on them to bring me some good info and recently, it's been more like TMZ than legitimate news.  Yes, you heard me Huff Post, you're more like TMZ than news.  Can you sense my frustration?

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