Monday, January 7, 2013

Free Stuff

We get stuff sometimes.  It's a perk.  Best stuff is the stuff you can do things with.  Some of my favorite stuff is from the uber-cool company Klean Kanteen.  We gave all the campers at The Festy a Klean Kanteen cup when they arrived and made them available for sale to day-trippers.  There were no disposable cups on-site.  We even made filtered water available, for free.  As a result we kept 30,000 cups out of the waste stream.  That's substantial.  These are my three favorite things right now, I only drink out of these three items thanks to Klean Kanteen.

Awhile back I got some stuff from Mountain Khakis, pants to be specific.  Think High Country Carhartts.  I use mine for work, I love them.  This is what they look like after weed-eating and chain-sawing for weeks between washes.

Incidentally, mountaineering boots are kick-ass chain-sawing, trail-building and tree limb-busting kicks.  Those Garmonts suck to hike in but they can stomp the shit out of stuff in the woods.  Anyway...

The point of all this is that Mountain Khakis is awesome and not just because they gave me some pants.  They're giving away 2 nights lodging, 2 ski passes to Jackson Hole, dinner for 2, and 2 tickets to our show in Jackson in February.  Sounds awesome to me.  You can enter HERE and maybe get yourself some free stuff.

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