Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The Festy was absolutely ridiculous.  Here's a link so some amazing pictures.

Seriously the best time I've had in my life.  After staying up till 2am drinking Stringduster beer and moonshine in the campground, I was up at 8am for the Devils Backbone Challenge.  We started at the Brewery and after a neutral roll-out climbed about a mile and a half up a steep paved road.  The pack sorted out, I pushed hard, felt great and rode some amazing terrain.  An hour and five minutes later I rolled back into the finish at Devils Backbone in 1st place.  Thanks to Woody and his crew for putting this thing on.

This was what it looked like from our perspective.  Next year, same time, same place, cyclocross race and another night of music.  Make your Festy plans now, fool.


MRussell said...

It was good riding with you, you were killing the singlespeed. Be Well.

Booksy said...

You must have been the IF rider that I was see-sawing with for awhile before the sport split. Thanks for the push. Stay in touch, and upright.